Posted by: brendanodornan | July 8, 2012


A secret weapon to help me complete the Lap The Lough?

A WeeHoo I Go is best described as a cross between a bicycle child trailer and a tag-a-long for a bike. A Tag-a-long bike is the rear half of a bike complete with seat, pedals and handlebars which attaches to an adult bike via a hitch bar to the seat post of the adult bike. A bicycle child trailer is basically a child seat in a covered trailer. So a WeeHoo is a tag-a-long bike with a proper child seat with harness. The advantage of this is that a child can enjoy the experience of cycling while in comfort and without the concern of getting tired, sleepy and falling off. Another advantage is that they can also contribute to the forward motion by pedalling….or not as seems to be the case for me.

We bought one of these machines last month and have now been able to try it out several times. My daughter who is five years old really loves it. She can sit in comfort, sing to herself, enjoy the view and occasionally…but not often, she will also pedal. Each time we have been out we have covered about ten miles and could easily have gone further. In fact my daughter was quite upset at the thought of having to turn and go back.

We will definitely make more outings to the cycle paths on this. I wouldn’t be confident though about taking it on the road unless there was another adult on a bike behind.

This machine is certainly a fantastic piece of kit for enjoying a cycling trip out with a little one.

As for it being a secret weapon to help complete the lap the lough…I think my passenger would have to be making more of a contribution to the forward momentum.


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