Posted by: brendanodornan | August 22, 2012

4 days to go – Final Preparations underway

With Four Days to go I’m starting the final preparations.

Diet is important to a finely honed athlete (does anyone know one?) so I dined on pasta with creamy sauce and for extra energy had a chocolate profiterole dessert.

I have my cycling clothes prepared – choosing bib shorts for the extra padding in the lower sensitive nether regions. As for jersey I’ve yet to decide on red, yellow or a black/green combo. Rain protection is a must. Clip in cycling shoes are now standard for me. Nb no underpants!

Weather forecast for Sunday is reasonably good so far. Light winds of 9mph from the NNE and light rain. So we will be riding into the wind on the outward northerly portion and then after lunch we get a tail wind as we head south.

Noticed from the LTL website that the distance has increased from 81 miles to 86 miles! Probably due to the lough swelling up with all the rain we’ve had!


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