Posted by: brendanodornan | August 24, 2012

2 Days to Go – Time to Clean My Chain.

In order to have my bike in good condition for Lap The Lough there is one dirty job that needs doing.

It’s important to have a clean chain. This can be a job that is hard to stay on top of.

A dirty chain affects one’s performance and it’s not visually appealing. Especially if you are expecting to take part in an upcoming event. Giving one’s chain a good scrub and applying lubrication allows a cyclist to stand proud.

The ins and outs of chain cleaning are much debated however the general principles at the root of the topic are firm. There are various methods promulgated but the one which I use with some success is the old fashioned liquid soap, water and scrubbing brush approach.

A popular approach is from behind, the bike, and one takes hold of one’s chain in the left hand and adds a liberal coating of liquid soap and water. The soap is gently massaged back and forwards along one’s chain. It’s important to make sure that all the parts are well soaped up. This is usually a solitary activity but if you can get someone to help then the task will be more pleasurable. 

Sometimes if there is stubborn grease in the crevices it’s necessary to use a scrubbing brush, but be gentle, as the chain is a delicate, high performance piece of equipment, and you only have one.

Once all the grease has been removed, rinse off the soap using clean water. Then dry thoroughly. I like to use a soft fabric on my chain but also a vigorous forward and backward motion of the chain can suffice to shake off any excess water.

Once one’s chain is dry it is essential to add lubrication before the event. There are lots of types available to buy and it’s really a matter of personal choice. Lubrication is necessary because it reduces friction, easing the movement as the parts come together and also protects the chain from the harsh environment into which it is put.  All of this allows the cyclist to pump harder for longer.

The final result is a clean, well oiled, shiny chain. The cyclist is then ready to perform at his peak.

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