Posted by: brendanodornan | August 25, 2012

1 Day to Go – Almost £1000 in sponsorship collected

Last day before the circuit of the Lough. I cant believe the immense response I have had for donations to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. These have exceeded all my expectations. At this stage we are within a few pounds of reaching £1000 which would be double the original target. A big thanks goes out to everyone who contributed. Also a big word of thanks to my Mum who went out and took the direct approach to collecting sponsorship by knocking on people’s doors. She managed to collect over two hundred pounds herself. Although I did think the balaclava and baseball bat were a little unorthodox even if they were effective.

I didn’t have much time today to reflect on tomorrow’s Lap The Lough because I was busy with other things, getting feet measured for new school shoes (not mine), returning library books and choosing new ones (again not mine).

I did manage to follow the dietary advice though and load up on carbs. This is the sort of training that I’m really good at. I had pasta with meatballs for lunch and I had fresh tagliatelle with sauce for dinner.

Since I am bringing two cycling partners with me tomorrow I also prepared a new bike carrier for my car’s roof-rack so I can now take three bikes. Looks like a support car from Le tour de France. At least until the three slightly over-weight and ageing ‘athletes’ get out and then there’s no mistake.

Starting to feel some jitters now. What have I let myself be talked into, 86 miles – what was I thinking?! Maybe that twinge I feel in my left knee is serious? What about that head cold I’ve been feeling over the past two days, perhaps its really influenza and that can be devastating…for a man. What if its Bird Flu? I think I hear a crack from my ankle. Maybe I ought to go and lie down. I’ll measure my blood pressure instead. Mmmmm 118 over 80, with a pulse of 70, so still alive anyway. Guess I’ll keep going then.

I have laid out my supplies for the morning as it’s an early start tomorrow. In order to arrive at Peatlands park for about 8am for registration we need to leave here at about 7.20am. My supplies consist of two granola bars, some jelly babies, my water bottle, mobile phone, camera (for the blog) and a little cash.

I just read on the Lap The Lough Facebook page that some nutter has been changing the direction arrows painted on the road.

Must remember no caffeine tomorrow, it increases the heart rate and causes dehydration.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is still favourable with temperatures of 12-15 deg C, sunshine and light winds of 4-6 mph from the west changing to south later in the day. Couldn’t be better.

Log in again to hear how the Lap goes, to share the pain and hopefully see some pictures.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign please visit my page at


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